Deborah Chan is a multi-disciplinary artist and a full-stack designer from Singapore. She founded Deborah Chan Studio in 2016, merging a decade-worth of experience in graphic design work and her passion for art into celebrating life through arts & design. As a designer and an artist, she has the best of both worlds, bringing valuable business strategies and executing the whole design process aesthetically for her client’s brands and products to achieve the end goal in both usability and functionality.
“Art has a voice, a visual has a message.” 
Her artworks vary from painting, drawing, and experimenting with different materials. The primary inspiration behind her work derives from her curiosity about cultures and human behaviours. She is often intrigued by the culture of society around us and how it shapes human mindsets while affecting human emotions and behaviours. It is specifically motivated by her concern for the humanity's well-being due to the arising social issues in our world today. Her art practice leads her to tread upon this subject with deep analysis, to create works that touch on themes such as human connection, identity, spirituality and dreams or purposes in life. Her goal with these projects, is to visually depict the importance of humanity's well-being, create awareness of holistic health and impact change in our society. As an artist, Deborah hopes to lead her audience to remembrance that there is a realm of beauty and glory which exists while living life on earth. She also believes that Life itself is the highest form of arts because life is always evolving.
Many of her works have brought encouragement and healing to the individual soul.
Since the age of five, she has not stopped dreaming about being an artist. Pursuing her dreams constantly by experimenting with her works in different mediums: painting, drawing and designing. She won a local newspaper drawing contest when she was ten and received the First Prize Arts Award during her third year in High School. In 2014, she exhibited her works in Italy, Venice and the following year in Milan. She had her first solo show in Singapore, 2017 at The Arts House. Through the years, Deborah had conducted art workshops for various age groups internationally.
A graduate in Communication Design from LaSalle College of The Arts (Singapore), who has worked as a Graphic / Identity Designer over a decade in the areas of branding, logos, packaging and editorial layout design.
In early 2022, Deborah transitioned to the roles of full-stack designer and multi-disciplinary artist. Her portfolio is constantly growing. Deborah currently resides in Singapore.
Updated bio: September, 2022