Artist / Design Bio:
Deborah Chan, a multi-disciplinary artist and full-stack designer from Singapore, founded Deborah Chan Studio in 2016. With over a decade of graphic design experience and a fervor for art, she blends both disciplines to celebrate life through arts and design. As both a designer and artist, she leverages her skills to implement effective business strategies and execute aesthetically pleasing designs that enhance usability and functionality for her clients' brands and products.
“Art has a voice, a visual has a message.” 
Deborah Chan is a versatile artist whose work spans painting, drawing, and experimentation with diverse materials. Her inspiration stems from a deep curiosity about cultures and human behavior, particularly how societal norms influence emotions and actions. Motivated by concerns for humanity's well-being amid contemporary social issues, she delves into themes of human connection, identity, spirituality, and life's purpose. Through her art, she aims to highlight the importance of holistic health and impact change in our society. As an artist, Deborah aims to lead her audience to remembrance that there is a realm of beauty and glory which exists while living life on earth,  viewing Life itself as the ultimate art form due to its constant evolution. Since childhood, Deborah has pursued her artistic aspirations, winning accolades such as a local newspaper drawing contest at age ten and exhibiting internationally in Italy. With a background in Communication Design from LaSalle College of The Arts, she has over a decade of experience as a Graphic/Identity Designer. Transitioning to full-stack designer and multi-disciplinary artist roles in 2022, Deborah continues to expand her portfolio while residing in Singapore.​​ Her works are featured in a number of magazines (Her World, Female Singapore, Expat Living Singapore, House & Garden UK, Life Magazine UK and Abode2 to name a few. 
Deborah's Journey:
Before founding DCS, she held leadership roles within her local church community for 11 years. During this period, she served as a youth deacon, youth pastoral leader, and worship leader, all while working as a graphic designer in the marketplace. She has also led youth on mission trips and organised art workshops for children overseas. Additionally, she graduated from Tungling Bible School as part of the inaugural batch of the Chinese School of Ministry in 2010. Since late 2020, Deborah has aligned with a few global apostolic and prophetic leadership ministries to advance the ecclesia movement in pursuit of her mission centred on the convergence of arts, economics, and education. Her goal is to offer transformative solutions to challenges and develop innovative strategic plans for rebuilding stronger foundations that exceed mere sustainability, fostering prosperity and well-being for nations and their people.
Updated bio: March, 2024