The Heartbeat behind Perfume Tears Series
At the peak of the nations’ suffering when livelihoods and health hang in the balance, the cries of the oppressed reached out to me and it was during this period that I undertook some highly unconventional actions behind the scenes. I assisted these individuals and families by reiterating their connection to God and their identities in Christ, empowering them to make sound decisions from a position of safety and clarity in Christ. Simultaneously, I also inspired them to be courageous to face their own root problems and deal with it fearlessly, to pursue persistent wholeness and growth instead of going through the unsustainable endless cycles of “heal & broken”. Anchoring our lives on a solid foundation holds the key to overcoming any challenge that comes our way.
When our souls are whole and healthy that’s the moment, we get to show up the best for ourselves and loved ones, with clarity, calmness, and the right perspective to make the best decisions and thrive in life. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 
The cultures of the world have conditioned us to prioritize profit over ethical values and spiritual well-being. However, this doesn't have to be our path. There exists a foundation upon which we can flourish in our souls, maintain our health, and thrive as individuals, families, and communities.
Righteousness isn't determined by worldly cultures; it's established by the Kingdom of God.
As a creative, my ultimate fulfillment doesn't come from adhering to conventional norms, but from challenging and reforming them when necessary, especially in situations where human logic falls short of providing the optimal solutions for humanity.
Perfume Tears is a series of overcoming evil with good. These tears belong to the overcomers—those who have been redeemed, reborn, and have triumphed over various forms of mental oppression and emotional affliction.
Are you in a position to offer solace to someone's soul today, akin to the effect of a "bottle of perfume"? Triumphs and joyful narratives have a ripple effect. The well-being of our society and community hinges on the state of individual souls. I trust this series will inspire you to embark on a mindful journey of soulful transformation.
*This is a non-profit project, with 50% of the sales reinvested into advancing humanitarian causes. 
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