The Heartbeat behind Perfume Tears Series
At the peak of the nations’ suffering when livelihoods and health hang in the balance, the cries of the oppressed reached out to me and it was during this period, I did some very unconventional things behind the scenes. I helped these individuals and families by reminding them, who God is and their identities in Christ, they are powerful to make the right decisions from a safe position and a sound mind in Christ. Simultaneously, I also inspired them to be courageous to face their own root problems and deal with it fearlessly, to pursue persistent wholeness and growth instead of going through the unsustainable endless cycles of “heal & broken”. Building our lives on a strong foundation is the answer to everything, in that way we can withstand whatever comes our way.
When our souls are whole and healthy that’s the moment, we get to show up the best for ourselves and loved ones, with clarity, calmness, and the right perspective to make the best decisions and thrive in life. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 
The world’s cultures indoctrinated us to profit from all the wrong ethics, systems and neglect our souls but things don’t have to go down this way. There is a way to build our lives upon where we can prosper in our souls, health and thrive in life, as a family and a community. 
Righteousness is not defined by the world’s cultures; it is established by the Kingdom of God.
As a creative, my greatest joy is not to follow the script, but to flip the script and reform it when the situation calls for in the areas where human’s logic failed to give humanity the best solution.
Perfume Tears is a series of overcoming evil with good. These are the tears of the overcomers, who’re redeemed, born again and triumph over all sorts of mental oppression and emotional affliction.
Do you need to comfort a soul with a “bottle of perfume” today? Victory and joyful testimonies are contagious. The health of our society and community begins with the condition of a soul. I hope this series enlighten you to start on a new soulful transformation mindfully.
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