Organizer’s Note:
Resurrecting Life is an exhibition about the rebirth of each artist’s victorious journey. Whether it’s from ashes to beauty or mourning to dancing, each artist expresses their life experiences through their medium – sharing with the audience what it is like to walk in newness of Life.
Over the years, I've witnessed how arts and music bring great comfort to many individuals' souls. Some of them even found their purpose of living and identity through arts! This makes me wonder with such deep conviction and belief that there is so much more of Arts and its potential waiting to be tapped into and seeing its glory unfold.
I believe that artists are the most prophetic people on earth because we are the ones who often dream dreams and see visions. If we are well nurtured spiritually and steward our gifts wisely, what the Creator can do through us are limitless! 
Thus, I would like to invite you to join us on this exhibition together to discover, to witness and to celebrate Life unfolding its beauty in the finest form through Arts.
Celebrating Life through Arts & Design,
Deborah Chan
复活的生命是一个关于每位艺术家胜利之旅重生的艺术展览。无论是从灰烬到美丽还是泪水到舞蹈,每位艺术家都通过不同的作品与观众共享自己的人生经历  走进新生命的感受。
多年来,我目睹了艺术和音如何为许多人来极大的安慰。有些人在艺术中找到生活的意义和身份! 这让我很好奇如此的深信念着 有更多的艺术和潜能正等着被挖掘,并要看到艺术的荣耀彰显。
Celebrating Life through Arts & Design,
Deborah Chan
Deborah's Artworks at Resurrecting Life 2018: (from left to right) Redemption 2018, Reconciliation 2018, Restoration 2018, Passion 2016, Beauty for Ashes 2016, Transition 2017.

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